Friday, 25 January 2013

Chautala's in Trouble

It was only recently that Mr Ajay Chautala had come to Gurgaon to offer support and protection to Mr Sumeet Kumar Malhotra of SKM Refcon Private Ltd. Today Mr Chautala was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the teachers recruitment scam. He & his Father Mr. Omprakash Chautala were found guilty in recruitment of JBT. Mr Chautala is sure to appeal this sentence in a higher court.
Mr SK Malhotra is himself facing some tough times as he battles Pal Infrastructure and the buyers who feel duped  in his various projects. There is a whiff of a scam in the air for him too.
Mr Sumeet Kumar Malhotra (R) and Mr Ajay Chautala at the SKM Project site at the Sector 95 project site on September 08, 2012. The site is embroiled in a dispute with another builder, and the presence of a powerful politician on the site may have meant to be a signal to all concerned. 

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